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WACKER toluene-free Primer for Silicone Composites

WACKER® Primer G 790 toluene free is used to achieve reliable adhesion between addition-curing silicone rubbers and hard substrates such as aluminum, stainless steel or glass. In comparison with many conventional adhesion promoters, the primer contains no toluene or other aromatic compounds.

The adhesion promoter WACKER® Primer G 790 has proven indispensable in many industrial sectors and applications for the pretreatment of metallic and hard non-metallic substrates. It helps to achieve a strong and permanent adhesive bond to liquid Silicone rubbers and other addition-curing silicone rubber compounds.

The possibility of forming a stable bond is essential when manufacturing two-component products. The substrate primed with the adhesion promoter can be used as the hard component in hard/soft combinations. It can therefore be inserted in the molding tool of an injection-molding machine, for example, and overmolded with a liquid silicone rubber. A sufficiently strong bond between the silicone and the hard component can only be established after applying a prime coat.

Exhibitor: Wacker Chemie AG

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